Article published Friday February 24, 2012

New website is launched

Norfolk County Council is pleased to announce a new version of its popular historical map browser, now called Norfolk Historical Map Explorer. The new site (with a new name) incorporates all the functions available on the old Norfolk E-Map Explorer website and several new improvements in response to customer feedback. It is now much easier to browse the maps. The new site now includes for the first time a modern Ordnance Survey map which will be regularly updated.

A condition of the funding when the site was initially developed meant it had to work on a slow dial-up internet connexion. Since then, technology has moved on. Maps on the new site fill the whole screen and a mouse can be used to browse the maps in a similar way to other mapping sites. The look and feel of the site has also been modernized. We welcome any feedback you may have on the new site.

Norfolk County Council is constantly looking for efficiency savings. As part of this process, it has decided to manage the Norfolk Map Explorer website itself, rather than to rely on a third-party service provider, with their attendant costs. This has presented the opportunity both to save money and to improve the functionality of the site.

The new site does not yet include the ability to view separately all the original tithe and enclosure maps which were available on the old site. These will be added during the next few months, so please keep checking the site.

Dr John Alban
County Archivist

February 2012